in action for a better world


The Greek initiative in action for a better world conquers Europe!

European Sustainability Award 2019

The QualityNet Foundation Foundation’s in action for a better world initiative won in the European Sustainability Awards 2019 the award for the best nonprofit program developed in Europe to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals, among 148 participations.

The in action initiative aims to contribute to informing, educating and activating the Greek society for the adoption of Agenda 2030, with the aim of creating the active citizens of tomorrow, those who will bring change to our planet: primary and secondary education students. At the same time, it implements family and local community activation programs to develop cooperation and intervention actions at a local level, as part of the adoption of the 17 Global Goals.

In action for a better world consists of:

  • the School Program for primary and secondary education,
  • Bravo Schools, the nationwide school competition that highlights the best educational initiatives for the 17 Global Goals and
  • the Local Cooperation and Action Program aimed at actively involving local communities in promoting the global goals.

It is a holistic approach that enables the “bottom up” promotion of the 17 Global Goals in the Greek society with the active involvement of Responsible Organizations and Active Citizens. It aims at instantly activate everyone to adopt practices that improve the quality of life of present and future generations.

“The results of the in action program demonstrate that the school can act as a living nucleus for informing, alerting and activating local communities to help promoting quality of life and creating a better world,” said Chrysoula Exarchou, President & Managing Director of QualityNet Foundation.

The initiative in action for a better world was developed by QualityNet Foundation in collaboration with international bodies such as Project Everyone, Unicef  ​​and Unesco internationally and nationally with the approval of the Ministry of Education. Also, the European Organizations the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) and the European Sustainable Development Network (ESDN) together with companies, supported the creation of the online platform and the educational materials.

We need the coordinated effort and cooperation of all of us!