Civil society bodies, associations and networks of active citizens

Adopt the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Global Goals!

Citizen networks, NGOs and associations are the most important political tool nowadays. They make a contribution to the country through a new process of social participation and actions, based on moral values. Getting mobilised and participating in the national action plan for adopting the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals is very important in achieving the target.

Starting from ordinary citizens and continuing on to social groups and organisations, the adoption of the Global Goals can help further develop synergies to address the challenges and improve the quality of life: equal opportunities, elimination of poverty and hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, decent work and equality.


  • Get connected with the 2030 Agenda

    and record the projects/actions you are developing that are linked to the 17 Global Goals in the SDGs Observatory, the monitoring mechanism for all the initiatives, projects and actions developed in Greece.

    Can I link the 2030 Agenda to projects and actions that support Sustainable Development? 

    1. Read the topics covered by the 17 Global Goals and how these are linked to best practices by local bodies and active citizens.
    2. Record the projects and actions that can be linked to the Global Goal topics.

    showcasing the best practices you have already recorded in the SDGs Observatory and have linked to the Global Goals.

  • Work with us to spread the Goals

    • Assist in the establishment of the Greek SDGs Library.
    • Participate in and promote actions locally.
  • Launch an awareness campaign

    for your members and the public to raise awareness on Sustainable Development issues.


Ask us how!

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Join the national network of
cities for the 17 Global Goals,
exchange views and
plan new actions


Join the national network of
schools for the 17 Global Goals,
exchange views and
plan new actions