in action for a better world


In action is a diverse programme aiming to raise awareness, educate and mobilise schools and local communities on the Global Sustainable Development Goals. These goals address the global challenges we face in our efforts to build a better world, free from poverty, hunger and inequalities; a world with decent work and quality education, without the threat of climate change; a world which, through the principles of sustainable development, will not only care for the needs of this generation, but of future generations as well.

The participation and coordinated efforts of everyone are required to fulfil the vision represented by the UN Sustainable Development Goals!

All of us together – organisations, teachers, students, families and local communities – should start taking action on a personal and collective level for issues that concern us, to build a better world for ourselves and our children!





our goals

1 The information and
all of us
in adopting
practices that contribute to
improve the quality of life.

2 The Education
of school
the active
citizens of tomorrow who
will change the world.

3 The awakening &
of the local community
for developing actions of
cooperation and intervention
to local challenges.

get into action now