QualityNet Foundation


QualityΝet Foundation (QNF) is a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to sustainable development. It has been operating in Greece since 1997, aiming to foster a sustainable future by establishing a Sustainable Economy/Society based on environmental consciousness and social cohesion, as the main lever for ensuring quality of life.

It supports the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, through developing:

  • networks and dialogue for sustainable development with a large number of stakeholders
  • initiatives that contribute to raising awareness and mobilising the Greek society in general
  • tools and methodologies that support organisations in adopting sustainable policies
  • educational work that contributes to shaping the active citizens of the future,
  • scientific work to document sustainable development issues.

It is a multi-stakeholding platform for Sustainable Development

It operates as platform of networking, development of structured thematic dialogue and mobilization of stakeholders who represent the entire Greek society.

The QNF Network of Responsible Organisations & Active Citizens is a multi-stakeholding platform for sustainable development which consists of 150 institutional bodies, 1,280 businesses, 345 civil society bodies, 250 local government bodies, 4,500 schools and 45,000 active citizens.

As a member of the Global Forum for National SDG Advisory Bodies and via our partnership with the German Council for Sustainable Development we support the development of national and local councils of Sustainable Development for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, through:

  • Monitoring the implementation of the SDGs in the Greek society
  • Development of a national awareness campaign
  • Supporting the development & implementation of national and regional implementation strategies

With the cooperation of Institutional, Academic, Business Bodies we develop initiatives that contribute to the information, education and implementation of Sustainable Development.

Bravo Institution – Dialogue for Sustainable Development & highlighting initiatives that contribute to a sustainable future

The Bravo is an institution of dialogue and promotion of initiatives that support a sustainable future. Aiming to develop the multistakeholder engagement of Responsible Organizations with Active Citizens, it emphasizes on the promotion of a systematic social dialogue by creating a platform for exchange of views, information and open deliberations, as well as the development of a broader culture on sustainable development issues.

Initiative seeks to foster dialogue and initiatives that promote sustainable development. It focuses on promoting systematic social dialogues, aiming to create a platform for exchange of views, information and open deliberations, as well as develop a broader culture on sustainable development issues.


Sustainable Greece 2020

This is a multi-stakeholding initiative that commenced in 2014, with the active participation of the business community and has developed a Sustainable Development toolbox to support Organizations in adopting sustainable policies, consisting of:

  • the Sustainability Observatory, a national mechanism for recording initiatives carried out in Greece and noting how the Greek society/market has matured in terms of the SDGs and other sustainable development issues,
  • the Greek Sustainability Code, a European reference framework for measuring the impact of organisations on the Economy, Environment and Society, based on international standards for reporting non-financial performance (ESG), adapted to the unique features of the Greek market,
  • the Sustainability Performance Directory, a sustainable development business index that establishes the Sustainability and Responsible Entrepreneurship Map for Greece based on sustainability assessment.



We support the transformation that Companies need to follow in order to respond to new challenges that arise in terms of their responsible operation, their social role and their corporate reputation.

Responsible Operation

  • Development of a Sustainable Development Strategy
  • Documentation of the responsible operation of the Organization by building a system for monitoring and presenting corporate achievements
  • Linking to sustainable financing and better evaluation by financial institutions and investors.
  • Participation in International Networks of Responsible Suppliers.

Social Role

  • Implementation of a corporate sustainability engagement program
  • Development of social intervention programs that support the social role of the company (social purpose)

Highlighting their corporate achievements, through

  • the Bravo Sustainability Awards institution, which highlights the best business initiatives
  • the European lebel recognition as a SUSTAINABLE COMPANY
  • inclusion in the leading team of The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece, through the evaluation of the performance of the Sustainable Development issues.

Connection to the family and the active citizens of tomorrow, through

  • supporting the educational process
  • development of tailor made educational programs
  • implementation of family engagement programs

Having recognised the significant role of education in establishing proper behavioral patterns and ultimately shaping the active citizens of tomorrow, QNF supports sustainable education via innovative educational approaches in primary and secondary schools.

In the 23 years we have been operating, we have educated more than 1,450,000 students, meeting their educational needs in 13 regions of the country, in 4,500 primary and secondary schools.

We have developed 50 educational programmes on various topics, 11 funded educational programmes, 3 digital learning platforms, 10 awareness festivals, the Land of Better cultural and educational centre, 9 school competitions, actions to inform children and families, the in action for a better world – Creating a better world! educational programme for the 17 SDGs and the Bravo Schools Panhellenic School Competition.


for educators

The Sustainable Development Scientific Centre is the scientific arm of the QNF, aiming to link scientific research and documentation for sustainable development to practice, based on a holistic approach towards the three pillars of Economy, the Environment and Society.

The Sustainable Development Scientific Centre consist of 4 institutes: Governance & Policy, Circular Economy & Bioeconomy, Responsible Consumption, and Education & Training.


Structure & Operational Framework

The QualityNet Foundation (QNF) operates in accordance with Greek laws governing non-profit legal entities and with the standards of integrity and good practices that should be followed.

QNF’s organisational structure consists of:
  • Board of Directors 
  • Advisory Board
  • Scientific Committees.

Framework of Principles

The operation of the organisation is governed by specific principles:

  • Commitment & effectiveness
  • Autonomy
  • Transparency
  • Confidentiality of information
  • Conflict of interest

Resources & Funding

The QNF’s financial resources are mostly derived from socially aware companies providing funds for the programmes and actions it implements and from income earned for the services it offers.

Any income earned is put back into the Foundation to support its programmes and to further develop its services.


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