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The active citizen is the responsible citizen, the citizen who remains informed on local and national issues, knows his / her rights and obligations, expresses his / her opinion and actively participates in society.


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What is an Active Citizen

An active citizen is the one who:

Cares for his health & wellness, his personal well-being and growth.

Searches for information, filters the news. Participates in public discussions in traditional or modern ways, forms critical thinking and takes a stand.

Is interested in protecting the natural environment, does not pollute, adopts practices that preserve nature, save energy, pay attention to water consumption, recycle, move by public transport or bicycle.

It seeks public expression and assertion of its rights, the establishment of infrastructure in its neighborhood and country, the preservation of free spaces, the protection of the green in public spaces and the cultural heritage.

It respects human rights, assists its fellow citizens, adheres to the rules and regulations and is open to migrants in the city, seeking their social integration.

Observes what is happening in society and intervenes, in co-operation with his fellow citizens, when he finds out the illegalities of public or private actors.

Network of Active Citizens

The Network of Active Citizens is the QualityNet Foundation’s members network. It is an open network that aims to inform about the adoption of the right attitudes and standards in the citizens daily lives and the activation in relation to the 17 Global Goals with actions that enhance our quality of life.

It is addressed to all citizens. So we invite you to take a position and contribute to a better world!

What can I do as a member of the Network of Active Citizens?

Subscribe to our newsletter to keep track of information on the 17 Global Goals

Post the action you developed or your voluntary participation in the responsibility context on twitter

@qualitynet_ with #in actionforabetterworld

Send us a home video with your message about the 17 Goals. It will be posted on the platform of the initiative.

Take the time to judge the actions / programs implemented by Companies, Local Authorities, Institutions and Schools at the Bravo Sustainability Awards.


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