In action for a better world

Annual School Competition for the 17 Global Goals

Primary & Secondary Education

Education plays a leading role in the adoption of the Global Goals! So your role as an educator is very important in shaping tomorrow's active citizens,
who will take action for the great change of our planet by 2030. School as a living cell of society can contribute to the information, awakening and activation of students, families and the local community!
If you have already joined your voice with thousands of teachers and schools worldwide via World’s Largest Lesson,
you can participate in the Bravo School Competition and highlight your country’s proposals for a better future!

Have you worked

for the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development?

Have you contributed with actions

in order to combat poverty, inequality and social injustice?

Did you take actions

to protect the environment throughout the year?

If yes, then you are an integral part of the global effort to make our world better.

The “Bravo Schools” competition aims at showcasing the most comprehensive educational approaches on social responsibility issues related to the 17 Global Goals of the United Nations for Sustainable Development.

How can you participate?


actions that you have already dealt with during the school year


your actions with one Goal for Sustainable Development


the participation form

Participation Categories


Submit us one or more lesson plans you developed & have associated with the 17 Global Goals.


Present children creations (poster with messages, poem / song, video, painting, board game, crafts, etc.).


showcase your school's actions / programs in cooperation with the local community related to environmental & social issues.

How to participate?

Follow the instructions below to submit your school’s participation.

Fill in your details by tapping the register field

Use the login field to enter the submission form

Select the category of participation (Lesson Plans, Student Creations, Good Practices)

Fill out the submission form and tap final submission once you've completed / checked the content. CAUTION! Fill in a different form for each entry.

Raise awareness about the Global Goals among your local community by participating in the online voting.

All entries will be evaluated by a Jury.

You can send us one or more of your actions - in more than one category - to get more entries in the competition.

Note: Music and photos that may be used should be original or "royalty-free", otherwise they should be licensed, or reference should be made to the original source, if non-original material is used. In addition, there should be the approval of

Raise the local awareness Participate in the online voting

Bravo Schools Competition is a part of the in action for a better world initiative

Through the process, schools have a chance to:

raise the awareness

about the 17 goals to change our world


their best practices, their creativity and their uniqueness

be activated

exchange ideas and talk about their motivation


collaborations among schools


with a global educational network

be awarded

for their effort to change our world


their best works on the global web page of World’s Largest Lesson

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