Connect to the Goals!

The Global Sustainable Development Goals are the most valid agenda for recording the challenges we must all face for a better world.

So if you are a responsible organisation, the Global Goals offer you a chance to adopt and develop actions based on one of them.

The Global Goals and their sub-goals offer broad possibilities for connection to any organisation, irrespective of area of activity or size.

  1. First, review how you can link a part of your operations to them.
  2. Have a look at the pillars on which your corporate sustainable development strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility programmes are based.
  3. Connect with some of the topics included in the materiality analysis of your operations.
  4. Analyse social and environmental needs on a national and local level.

Depending on the target audience you want to address, you can decide on the type of actions based on the 17 Global Goals: employees, associates, teachers, students and their families, the local community. 

  1. Employees and Network of Associates 

Raise awareness and energise your network of employees and associates, by mobilising them so they may act responsibly through their daily professional and personal activities.

Create your own corporate Network of Active Citizens!

  1. School Community

Educate the active citizens of tomorrow and the primary schools and high schools on the 17 Global Goals through programmes approved by the Institute of Educational Policy of the Greek Ministry of Education.

Contribute towards shaping the active citizens of tomorrow!

  1. Local Community 

To build a better future for us and our children, it is important to mobilise the citizens and the collective bodies locally, so as to promote the topics per region, depending on the local priorities for improving the quality of life of the people.

Take active part in raising awareness among the local community!

We invite you to take part in this change and to
actively contribute in creating a better world!

Global Goals

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