Raise awareness among your company’s employees!

Raise awareness and energise your network of employees and associates, by contributing towards multiplying the active citizens who act responsibly through their daily professional and personal activities.


  • Launch internal awareness campaigns within the workplace, through digital and printed material.
  • Educate the department heads on the 17 Global Goals and appoint them as internal Sustainability Ambassadors, who will undertake an active role in the proper management of corporate resources.
  • Create your own corporate Network of Active Citizens through repeated awareness and motivational campaigns during personal and collective actions.
  • Reach out to the families of your employees and associates and distribute informational manuals for responsible action to them, which include family games and activities.
  • Transform a business meeting into a sustainable development day, adopting a topic and organising experiential activities among the employees. This can also be done during corporate events attended by employees and their families.

Global Goals

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