Support education & the establishment of a Greek SDGs Library!

Educate the active citizens of tomorrow and the primary schools and high schools on the 17 Global Goals through educational programmes approved by the Institute of Educational Policy of the Greek Ministry of Education.


  • o Provide experiential educational programmes throughout the year

    on the topic you want your organisation to be linked to, having first ensured that the topic is one they truly need. This experiential approach is a significant factor for supporting the establishment of proper behavioural standards in primary education.

    Discover the wide range of available experiential programmes per topic

  • Establish the Greek SDGs Library

    by distributing informational and educational materials for parents, students and teachers on a topic. Most of the times there is no material adapted to the needs of the Greek society available for raising awareness, educating and mobilising citizens.

  • Support the annual Bravo Schools competition,

    as well as the annual event, by adopting a topic and supporting schools in developing educational approaches based on this topic. The winning schools receive rewards in the form of digital educational equipment, in support of digital education.

  • Develop a digital educational platform

    for the topic you wish to be linked to and create educational material, lesson plans, activity workbooks, etc., so that your actions can constitute a comprehensive intervention within the educational community, offering the chance to all schools within the country to meet their educational needs.

Global Goals

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