The world needs us

The 17 Global Goals

In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly in New York made a decision that could be described as a historic agreement that will affect the lives of millions of people, perhaps yours as well.

It is the adoption of 17 Goals, known as the “Sustainable Development Goals”, which reflect the contemporary global challenges in an effort to respond effectively to global problems in all countries.

In this global pact, more than 190 leaders representing almost all of our planet have pledged to transform our world into a world without poverty, hunger and inequality. A world of decent work and education, a world without the threat of climate change, a world that, through the principles of sustainable development, will meet the needs of not only today’s generation but also future generations, that is yours.

Our goal is to inform and raise the awareness of the Greek society about the Global Goals, with a vision of shaping Active Citizens who will act for the great change in our planet by 2030.

We need the coordinated effort and cooperation of all of us.

This means that educators, students, parents, active citizens, municipalities and regions, responsible businesses are all becoming an integral and valuable part of a global collective consciousness of the future of the planet and the right of all people to live with dignity and justice.