What the teachers said

22 Comments from Teachers across Greece

Anastasia Amvrosidou PE06, Head Teacher
1st and 4th Primary School of Eleftherio-Kordelio, Thessaloniki


Along with the students of the 1st and 4th Primary Schools of Eleftherio-Kordelio, Thessaloniki, as active citizens of tomorrow, we presented our own action for building a better world, through an educational approach for the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals. The approach was developed by the educational department of QualityNet Foundation, in partnership with the World’s Largest Lesson, UNICEF and UNESCO. Our aim was to work together for the Amaf School of Nairobi and for the right to education of young Kenyans. Common goal: The Right to Education.

Through this action, we are becoming a part of the global collective conscience.

Vasiliki Strataki
1st Primary School of Nea Ionia


My participation in the whole process gave me a positive experience. It was certainly very constructive to meet many colleagues from all over Greece who are doing an excellent job, which can be included in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This fills me with optimism and strength to continue my efforts in that direction. My students had the great joy of presenting a very small sample of the projects they had carried out throughout the school year as part of the action plan “Goal-Setting! Disseminating the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals”. All the best to the initiative, and we truly wish that we all take action and raise awareness among the school community for the 17 Goals.

Project Coordinators
Georgia Dendrinou
Alexandra Makri
Olga Markou

1st Junior High School of Irakleio, Attica


We sincerely thank you for our school’s distinction in your Competition. We thank your judges, the organisers and those whose vision this was.

Bravo Schools showcase the work carried out in schools and that’s very important. We were very happy that our work was assessed positively by the committee. This pushes us to continue working with our students’ emotions. We hope to find time to have a look at everyone’s project!

Stamatia Mantikou, Principal
2nd Experimental Primary School of Rhodes


As an experimental school, we explore and develop innovative actions and learning practices. We aspire for our children to develop views, skills and values leaning towards sustainability, so they are capable of addressing complex environmental problems, driven by their quality of life, which is directly linked to their ecological footprint.

By participating in the Building a Better World project, we attempted to shape active, creative and environmentally conscious citizens. Believing that taking action is not a task exclusively undertaken by governments, but one that involves everyone, we informed the school community and the families of our students about the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals, as to what they are and the role they play. We then moved on to a series of actions to raise awareness among the local community, through school events that aimed at disseminating the Sustainable Development Goals.

By adopting the “Understanding and Taking Action” initiative, we complemented the Bravo Schools actions at our school, shaping citizens with an ecological education and an ecological conscience, who are active and responsible within society. So in the end everyone developed new morals, new values and new social goals, shaping a different view on the relationship between man and the environment.

Eleni Gkonou, Greek Literature Teacher
Model High School Evangelical School of Smyrna


I wanted to express my great joy and satisfaction with the competition and the event organised by Bravo Schools, and I congratulate you for your work, which raises awareness on the important issues promoted by the 17 Global Goals, cultivates moral values and empathy, and promotes basic human rights through creativity and active learning.

We deeply wish that you continue your work, with more schools accompanying you on this journey, because only through HUMANITARIAN AND EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING are we able to hope for A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL!

Nikolas Tsilivarakos
Public Relations & Communication Division,

Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi – Antonopoulos Schools


A meeting about sustainability and best educational practices.

A celebration with invited guests from every Greek school, from every corner of the country,

Bravo to the students, teachers and educators! Bravo for the inspiration, knowledge, creativity and awareness!

For us at Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi – Antonopoulos Schools, our participation in Bravo Schools 2018 meant all these and many more bravos. Besides, it is up to us to pave the paths that create circumstances, opportunities, situations and conditions for a better world.

On the occasion of this year’s Educational Year, dedicated by UNESCO to Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis – whose work was studied by the students and teachers and was presented on the Bravo Schools stage, talking about and bringing to life deep concepts, such as Love and Paradise – let me conclude with a quote- a wish for when we meet again next year: “You have your brush, you have your colours, you paint the paradise, then in you go.”

Tania Manesi
Anastasia Tsiouni
Antonis Kostopoulos

Neue Schule Athen


Congratulations for your work and the very interesting initiative that gave us the opportunity to become a part of this interesting project.

Stamatiki Pavlaki, Supervisor
Special Primary School of Perama


On behalf of the students and staff, we would like to thank you for the opportunity you gave us to showcase the educational and pedagogical work we are doing. With regard to the Bravo Schools competition, we would like to point out that we organised everything we had about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals more systematically, so that we could submit it to the competition. Our goal was not to get a prize, but to participate. We believe that we ought to give our students the opportunity to show what they can do, and to show them in practice that their efforts are recognised. Besides, that’s our job: to teach the students in front of us, not the ones we had, nor the ones we would like to have, but those we have in front of us, each and every one of them. And we believe the results justify us. We work on topics related to the planet, people and the environment every year. One of our educational aims is to raise awareness among the students on such issues.

The Teachers
Sofia Karipidou
Amalia Papoulidou

Primary School of Kaspakas


The Bravo Schools Building a Better World nationwide school competition was an opportunity to showcase the actions of our school and to interact with other schools, getting ideas for new actions in the future. The competition mobilised both us and the students. The students got the local community involved in the voting, and we got our colleagues involved, which resulted in the actions of the project being made public. We would like to thank the Bravo Schools team for supporting our educational work and providing us with feedback.

The Principal and the Teacher Association
9th Primary School of Livadia


On the occasion of our distinction in the Best Educational Practices category (Goal 13, Climate Action) in the recent Bravo Schools Building a Better World competition, we would like to wholeheartedly thank you yet again, for the opportunity you gave, not only to our school, but also to the rest of the schools, to present the actions developed at school, which are closely linked to the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals. Through a range of educational activities, our young students had the opportunity to work together, to explore and get to know both Europe and its institutions, as well as the value of recycling for our lives and for the entire planet. They also learned about the consequences of climate change but, most importantly, they found out what we should all do as responsible European citizens. They worked hard, capitalising on creativity and innovation, cooperation, dissemination of knowledge, and the ability for lifelong learning. They had a good time and positively influenced the local community, disseminating everything they learned and conquered. In closing, we wish that you continue this remarkable effort, so we too, teachers and students, may continue and become an integral and invaluable part of a global collective consciousness towards the future of the planet and the right of all people to live with dignity. Thank you for the beautiful cooperation and communication we had with all of you throughout the competition. We are renewing our date for next year, and we are very happy that our school is part of the SGD School Club Network of Ambassador Schools for the 17 Global Goals.

Stergios Papadopoulos, Principal
6th Intercultural Primary School of Eleftherio-Kordelio, Thessaloniki


I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to showcase our actions in the context of an institution that promotes education and information on the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals. The teachers of our intercultural school face many challenges every day. All these years, our goal has been a school that is open to society, which promotes self-action, self-management and innovation in education; a school that promotes respect for diversity, equality, cooperation, friendship, sportsmanship and solidarity. Bravo Schools is an institution that supports and rewards all these efforts, by providing to us the teachers, and to our students, an extraordinary moral incentive to continue our very important work.

Efrosyni Chatoglou
4th Kindergarten of Rafina


Thank you for the opportunity you gave us to participate in the project and to attend the festive event. Children and parents were thrilled. It was all very beautiful, except for the time management.

Maria Volaki, Preschool Educator, Supervisor
3rd Daycare Centre of the Municipality of Vyronas


We never thought that a school with such young children would participate in Bravo School’s joyous and hopeful event and that we would join forces with other schools in the world’s largest lesson. Our children could not hide their enthusiasm over the wonderful climate that prevailed. They were treated as precious young people, were welcomed with affection and admiration, and were provided room to present the game that linked their world to the world of blind children. They met other children and were also thrilled with the creations by the other schools.

A few words about the story of how we got here.

When we learned that there are no quality electronic games for visually impaired children and they were missing out on something very basic, the right to play and learn through the game, we expended all efforts to change this.

We used the accessible games developed by SciFY, Memor-i, we learned how to play them, we played with blind kids and we created new games. A bridge between two seemingly different worlds started being built. By receiving a distinction in the Best Practice for Quality Education category, the right of all children to inclusive education started becoming a reality.

Thank you for everything, Bravo Schools, but chiefly for letting us dream of a better world!

Giota Pratsidou, Kindergarten Teacher
3rd Daycare Centre of the Municipality of Vyronas


Pleasant disposition, wide smiles, fresh, clean looks full of vitality, imagination and creativity. An unexpected and exciting patchwork of children of all ages who were interacting, learning, explaining, communicating; actually holding the future of the world in their hands. At the time, our young participants may not have realised the importance of their effort, but it was a good start for them towards building a better world. For our school it is now both a goal and a commitment, and we will always work with all our might!

Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Vice Principal
2nd Primary School of Oraiokastro


Both Bravo Schools and the competition were flawless. I think the effort made, the coordination, the cooperation and the final result led to the excellent promotion of the 17 Global Goals. This is evidenced by both the large number of schools involved and the projects (best practices) that were submitted. Congratulations. Well done, again and again. Thanks for everything.

We are hoping to work together again during the new school year.

Adam Adamidis, Chemist MSc
General Senior High School of Voukolies


«Crown of Sciences, Miraculous Chemistry,
with your ability to extract jewels and gems from chaff.» Kostis Palamas

That’s exactly what gets the students excited; that sometimes, they can become poets! Creators! We, the teachers, are there to inspire and motivate them.

Argyris Droungas
6th Primary School of Kalamaria


We are the E2 class students of the 6th Primary School of Kalamaria and along with our teacher, Argyris Droungas, we want to thank you for the opportunity you have given us to take part in the Bravo Schools “Building a Better World” nationwide school competition with six entries.

Some of our projects may not have been distinguished, BUT:

  • We had the pleasure of participating in a nationwide contest.
  • Through our projects, we supported an institution that promotes education and awareness for the 17 GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS.
  • We sought new knowledge through research, interaction, theatrical play and role play, to make it our own and to share it with you and with the students of the other 202 schools across Greece.
  • We had to work together and improve our creative thinking and critical ability.
  • We learned not to be afraid to get out there and defend our thoughts and our arguments in a nice way..
  • We saw our projects posted on a digital platform.
  • Our teacher was given the opportunity to guide us and help us approach the GOALS in a relaxed manner, from a different perspective.
  • We worked together, supported each other, and improved through the advice of our partners.
  • Finally, we realised that we learn something because we want to learn it.

For these reasons, we state that we will try to remain active and connected to you next year as well, because we have a lot to say.

In lieu of an afterword:

Modern education mainly aims to prepare students so they are able to react quickly and to cope with the challenges of the times as active and powerful citizens, with democratic morals, ethics and knowledge. The involvement of our students in educational approaches such as Bravo Schools, with increased educational value that ensures their active participation and involvement, is a powerful tool in the hands of an educator for social and cultural education, and contributes effectively to meeting the multifaceted educational goal of the modern school, since it promotes empathy, responsibility and diligence among all participants.

Styliani Lykogiannaki, English-language Teacher / Vice Principal
3rd Junior High School of Heraklion, Crete


The “Future is Green” teaching scenario is based on the CLIL (content and language integrated learning) method and I developed it in the context of the Erasmus+ “Go for Content Language and Integrated Learning” European programme, which I coordinate at the 3rd Junior High School of Heraklion, Crete. This teaching scenario includes a series of classes focusing on awakening thought and activating the students’ creativity. It is very important that through its participation in the Bravo Schools nationwide competition, the 3rd Junior High School of Heraklion, Crete joins the network of ambassadors for the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, the good teaching practice I propose to raise the students’ awareness about climate change and get them to take on initiatives to reduce environmental pollution was distinguished as the Best Educational Approach to Goal 13, Climate Action. Undoubtedly, the Bravo Schools initiative to showcase our students as ambassadors for the 17 World Goals will motivate them to continue to contribute actively to saving the planet and building a better world!

Christina Ntonga, Supervisor
14th Kindergarten of Komotini


A huge bravo to the Bravo Schools initiative, which gave us the opportunity to participate in the nationwide competition to showcase the project and the particular effort expended by the children of the 14th Kindergarten of Komotini.

Through our participation and the presentation of our action, we did our small part and are hoping to contribute to developing the future goal for shaping active and socially aware citizens.

Carry on strong with your work and your goals!

Anna Mangiosi, Principal
Kindergarten of Rizario, Trikala


I believe Bravo Schools is a remarkable and innovative initiative that gives kids the freedom and opportunity to develop and present their own ideas for building a better world; an initiative and experience that empowers them to develop research, critical and creative thinking, and to understand contemporary environmental and social problems, so that they can actively participate in improving the quality of life as tomorrow’s responsible citizens. I am particularly pleased that my school participated in the Bravo Schools competition, and even more so that we earned a distinction among so many entries! Let’s all give a hand and raise awareness among our children for a better world, for a better future! Because the future belongs to them and because together we can do it!

Stavroula Anastopoulou
2nd General Senior High School of Pyrgos


Participating in the competition was a very positive experience. It is good to showcase the actions that take place during the year; to get schools to interact, to present their work, and to exchange ideas, within the context of important goals. Now that we made a start and earned our distinction, we are hoping for further participations and distinctions in the future.

Symeon Arvanitidis PE03, Mathematician
Junior High School of Koimisis, Serres


We feel the need to thank you wholeheartedly for the positive assessment given to the Junior High School of Koimisis, Serres, and the distinctions we earned:

  • the BEST EDUCATIONAL APPROACH to goal 7. Affordable and Clean Energy with our project “Geothermal Energy as a Renewable Energy Source and its Development in the Prefecture of Serres”.
  • Ambassador of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and member of the QNF SDG School Club Network.

The Junior High School of Koimisis is a rural school, close to the Greek-Bulgarian border, with students from economically challenged families who have been emigrating to Germany in recent years. Some of our students are Roma with many socialisation problems and miserable living conditions. Given these conditions, we need to point out just how much effort and willingness our students put in to develop the best practice mentioned above. As teachers in this school, we feel that we guarding the gates for preserving our culture and informing the local community about the Sustainable Development Goals, so that the people stay in their village, and this distinction gives us the strength to continue our mission!

On the last day of exams at our high school, we announced the school’s distinction to our students, and they received the news with cheers and tears in their eyes!

On behalf of the children, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for rewarding their efforts!

Sincerely, the teacher who drafted the best practice “Geothermal Energy as a Renewable Energy Source and its Development in the Prefecture of Serres”.

The Global Goals