Teach the Goals

If you decide to implement the educational programme for the 17 Global Goals in your school and introduce your students to the common global agenda for Sustainability, for the people and for our planet, this is where you will find material about Europe and the world.

As a teacher, you can now join in the global efforts by educating your school/class on the Global Goals through:

✓ adopting and taking action on a topic of the 17 Global Goals

✓ participating in the Bravo Schools nationwide school competition

✓ getting connected to a global school network and introducing your school to the in action SDGs Schools Club.

Visit the SUSTAINABILITY OBSERVATORY and Bravo Schools 2018 to discover the results of the teaching approaches from the pilot implementation of the in action programme.

10 Reasons

to Teach the Global Goals
There is no Plan B because there is no Planet B.
Learning and taking action is something that works for all ages and across all educational levels.
People who suffer deserve a plan for salvation; a plan that everybody on Earth is familiar with and puts into practice.
Teachers and students will support each other because we are all on the same mission.
The challenges we are facing are big, but we can handle them if we all stand united.
Students can develop dedication to the purpose by creating strategies to provide effective solutions to the problems.
Children have a natural tendency to take action when faced with inequalities.
Children who learn how to help each other and cooperate do not get into conflicts.
Our students can find a purpose and develop a programme aiming at reversing the situation.
Young people can take on the leading role they deserve for the future if they realise – and if we prove to them – that their actions count and matter.

The Global Goals