Local Government Bodies

Although the commitments of the 2030 Agenda have been made at a national level among governments, the role of Local Government and Civil Societies is important for the target to be successfully fulfilled.

For mayors and local leaders who have pledged to strive for sustainable urban development, the Global Goals offer a road map, with specific goals and sub-goals, which can help cities become more sustainable.

The adoption of the Global Goals locally offers the option of developing synergies for addressing the challenges and achieving the economic and social sustainability of the city, contributing to better quality of life. 

Adopt the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Global Goals at a local level!


  • Link the projects and actions your Municipality has already developed to the 17 Global Goals and the 2030 Agenda and record them in the SDGs Observatory, the monitoring mechanism for all the initiatives, projects and actions developed in Greece.

How do I choose the projects that can be recorded as actions supporting Sustainable Development?

  1. Read the topics covered by the 17 Global Goals and see how these are linked to local government.
  2. Choose policies, systems, projects and actions that can be linked to the Global Goal topics. Surely you’ll be surprised when you realise that most of the actions developed in the context of a municipal or regional operational programme can be linked to the 2030 Agenda. 
  • Set up informative/educational meetings with municipal/regional officials on the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Initiate local dialogue and consultations to record the challenges and prioritise the Global Goals at a local level.
  • Support the formulation of local Sustainable Development strategies and commitments and link them to the local/regional operational action plan.
  • Showcase the initiatives locally, nationally and internationally at the Bravo Sustainability Awards and through the UN’s Localizing the SDGs international platform.
  • Raise awareness among and mobilise the local community by inviting them to the annual Bravo Sustainability Dialogue.
  • Fill in and record non-financial data through processes and systems that support the responsible operation of municipalities, based on recognised European reference standards as to the transparency and self-commitment of organisations on sustainable development and responsible operation issues, such as the Greek Sustainability Code.
  • Prepare and publish the Annual Sustainable Development Goals Report , recording the local strategy for adopting the Global Goals, the goal-setting and the achievements of the Municipality in improving the quality of life of its citizens.
  • Join the Network of cities for the 17 Global Goals – in action SDGs Cities Club.
  • Inform the students and mobilise the primary and secondary schools for the 17 Global Goals.
  • Create a local network of schools (in action SDGs Schools Club) and student ambassadors for the 17 Goals.
  • Awaken the local community through brochures about what the 17 Goals mean and how they can be adapted to the everyday lives of everyone.
  • Organise a local Bravo Schools competition showcasing the best school projects on the 17 Global Goals. Link them to the World’s Largest Lesson, the global school network.
  • Launch an awareness campaign for your citizens, so they may get interested in Sustainable Development issues and participate in local happenings.
  • Initiate local dialogue in neighbourhoods to raise awareness and have the citizens actively participate in recording views/proposals for developing intervention actions.
  • Support the institution of a week-long local in action festival – Building a better world! with events and actions to inform the local citizens and associations about the Global Sustainable Development Goals and the proposals of the primary and secondary school children, as these have been recorded following their participation in Bravo Schools.


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Join the national network of
cities for the 17 Global Goals,
exchange views and
plan new actions


Join the national network of
schools for the 17 Global Goals,
exchange views and
plan new actions