bravo schools 2019


A Big Bravo!

Bravo Schools competition was completed with a record 738 entries and 45,000 primary and secondary students that they recorded their own proposals for a better world and more than 32,256 active citizens listened to our children’s messages!

The President of QualityNet Foundation, Ms. Chrysoula Exarchou, said:

“We congratulate the country’s schools, which had a vibrant presence in the institution and who joined the Global Schools Network: in action SDGs Schools Club as Ambassadors of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We thank the active citizens of every local community, as well as the national, regional and local media for supporting students’ participation and the effort we all make for a better tomorrow! Our common cause unites us! “

Bravo Schools is part of Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards Institution, the largest Institution in our country for Sustainable Development dialogue and highlighting sustainability initiatives.

Linked to In Action for a Better World Initiative  that was distinguished at the European Sustainability Awards 2019 by the European Commission with the award of the best program of non-profit organization developed in Europe for successfully promoting the UN Global Goals in national level. It is the initiative that unites the school community, the family and the local community for a shared vision: to create a better world!